Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Technology Overload

           Is anyone else bothered by the amount of technology we subscribe to? Don't get me wrong, I use my fair share for sure but between using a laptop, smart phone, iPod, iPad, video games, and television I would guess the average American spends more time sucked into technology than actually having a person to person conversation. And since when does a grade schooler need a cell phone? Since when does a baby? Did you know that one of the top selling baby toys at Toys 'R Us is a fake iPhone? Here take a look:


          Of course there are a lot of wonderful things we can do today because of cell phones and the internet and I like being able to keep in contact with my loved ones and even getting to see them via Skype here and there. But what happened to playing board games, taking a walk, writing letters, or reading books? Have you seen some of the cell phone commercials on TV? They show happy good looking people walking around town with their nose in smart phone. No one stops to smell the roses or admire an adorable puppy or wave to a friend. Instead they are trying to find an app for that.

          Well I think I'll go take a walk and window shop with my little man. Thanks for reading my little rant. I feel much better.

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