Monday, April 18, 2011

Decisions, Decisions

            Things are finally starting to slow down and I think that its time to either adopt a hobby, continue my education, or get a job. I'd really like to stay home with Ben for a while longer so I'm leaning towards one of the first two options. But here's the problem. They cost money. Hobbies cost money. I'd really like to get a sewing machine and learn to use it. Maybe get so good that I could create and sell something. But that would probably be far in the future and take quite a lot of money sunk into "practicing." Continuing my education also costs money. I'd like to get my certification to become a lactation consultant or childbirth educator. I can do either online which means I could stay home with Ben. Plus this would be another step towards getting my dream job working with infants and mothers. But its a two year process and a couple grand.

             Or I could get a job. Not thrilled about this option for many reasons. Student teaching really left a bad taste in my mouth and shook my confidence. I don't feel comfortable with the idea of leaving Ben at a daycare. Plus daycare is expensive! If I could find a job at a daycare that would be great. Unfortunately I haven't had any luck and no one seems to be hiring. I'd have to make enough money to pay for daycare and still have extra to put in the bank for a job to be worth while.

             So tell me what you think? Hobby, school, or a job?

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  1. Although money is very helpful (and necessary) I highly recommend staying home with your kiddo. The time they are little goes by too fast and they are only little for a short time. Sewing is easy to self teach and you can get material etc... at discount stores, on sale and with coupons. You are young...follow your dreams and enjoy your sweet, beautiful baby boy!

    ps...I got a sewing machine as a b-day gift from my parents for my 40th b-day last Oct. Sewing is awesome and I LOVE IT!!!